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57X Cab

Comfort while driving. Comfort when not.

Western Star’s focus on building  the most comfortable cabs possible continues with the 57X. Lightweight steel-reinforced aluminum cabs offer a host of features designed to reduce noise and increase comfort to keep driver’s efficient and safe.

57X Sleeper


Long days on the road are only possible when a driver has ample chance to rest and recharge. With that in mind, the 57X features a completely redesigned and upgraded drivers lounge. But most importantly, we’ve also made it customizable to address the priorities and preferences of each driver.


Features Include:

  • Pick your space – 60-inch Mid Roof, 72-inch Mid Roof or 72-inch Stratosphere High Roof
  • Optional driver’s loft features a two-seat dinette/ worktable that can be folded flat to allow a full-sized, Murphy-style bed
  • A traditional double-bunk option with an easily released telescoping ladder rated at 400 lbs.
  • Standard LED ambient lighting and dimmer switch on 72” raised roof models
  • Ample insulation, sound-deadening materials and new designs make it our quietest cab ever

  • Flat-panel TV bracket that swivels and can support up to a 26” screen
  • Larger microwave cabinet to accommodate standard appliances
  • Larger refrigerator with matching cabinetry or a customer-supplied refrigerator option
  • Wardrobe cabinet with four inches of additional hanging length
  • Multiple DC power outlets
  • A variety of powerful inverter and inverter pre-wire options for AC-powered products

Cab Features

Steel Doors

The doors on the 57X are all steel with additional steel reinforcements. Triple door seals reduce noise and dust with fully forged hinges for reduced sagging and long life.

Engine Tunnel

The Quiet Steel®* technology in the 57X reduces engine and transmission noise for a premium operating environment.

*Quiet Steel is a registered trademark of Material Sciences Corporation.

C-Loop Mirrors

Our C-Loop mirror system is solidly mounted to reduce vibrations, along with integrated turn signals and optional heating solutions for added safety on the road.

Ingress and Egress

Getting in and out of the 57X is easier with an ideal door opening size, strategically positioned steps and ergonomic A- and B- pillar grab handles.

Best-in-Class HVAC upgrade

Five dash outlets, four floor outlets, two side window defrost outlets and ten blower speeds to create the ideal environment.


Stylish stainless steel visor reduces sun glare and driver fatigue.


the 57X Hood

Impact-resistant, lightweight molded resin hood with aerodynamics design for greater visibility and weight savings, with locking hood strut for safety.


Both the 57X daycab and sleeper give you standard singe rear-window and optional three-piece window or solid wall choices.


Optional Three-Piece Rear Window


Standard Single Rear Window


Optional Solid Wall


Western Star logo that features 'Serious Trucks' in white text and a red star against a gray background.