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The moment you put one in gear you get it: Western Star trucks mean business; these trucks were born to work.


We started designing and engineering heavy-duty trucks back in 1967. Trucks that earned their W’s taking on ultra-rugged logging camps, massive mining operations, sweltering oil fields and everywhere else—unforgiving jobsites where a single cut corner can lead to a very bad day at the office. It goes without saying that when we started building highway trucks that we built them the same as our work trucks to ensure every truck is built to last, built to perform, built to be safe.


And that is especially true when it comes to the ultra-rugged, high-tech X-Series. A dominating trio of trucks that launched in 2020 and truly represents our relentless drive to continually break new ground when it comes to safety, durability, technology and versatility. The X-Series is purpose-built to take on anything.  


Western Star.

A Company Built on a Strong Foundation.

Our reputation for designing, building and distributing heavy-duty trucks is well known around the world. And like any good reputation, it wasn't built overnight.

Western Star Trucks started in 1967. Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, and manufactured in Canada, the company was founded on the belief that the driver is the most valuable asset in trucking. More than a mantra, this belief became the cornerstone on which Western Star's history of innovation and customization would be built.

It didn't take long for word to spread. In response to the growing demand for heavy-duty mining, logging and oil transportation trucks, the plant in Kelowna, BC, eventually grew to 250,000 square feet of manufacturing space, with an additional 50,000 feet of warehousing.

The 1980s saw Western Star continue to grow, thanks to its unrivalled commitment to innovation and quality. Major product developments like cabs with increased headroom and improved driver visibility helped set Western Star apart from the competition. Additionally, the development of a state-of-the-art, wrap-around dash caught the eyes of a new customer: highway tractor drivers.

At the conclusion of the 1990s, Western Star had established itself as a premier vocational and over-the-road heavy truck manufacturer, thanks in large part to revolutionary product innovations like the Star Light Sleeper with an ultra-lightweight polypropylene honeycomb core. By 2000, Western Star's forward-thinking, driver-centric approach paid off, when Daimler Trucks North America purchased the company and moved it to Portland, OR.


Starting in 2020, we broke new ground with the introduction of our X-Series trucks, the 47X and 49X. The X-Series breaks new ground in safety, in strength, in technology, in reliability and more importantly it breaks new ground out on the jobsite and in how the job gets done.


In 2011, Western Star brought toughness, durability and lighter weight components to short BBC applications, including snow plow and mixer, with the introduction of the 4700. In 2014, Western Star unleashed the 5700XE. Featuring a striking new aerodynamic design, the 5700XE gave over-the-road fleets and owner-operators a truck that delivered toughness and a traditional look Western Star customers demand, but built for the modern age. 


2022 ushered in the newest member of the X-Series family, the 57X, the most advanced, most driver-focused highway truck we’ve ever built. Our global design team loaded it with the technologies, safety features, aerodynamics and first-class comfort that operators demand.  


Today, Western Star remains the premier producer of heavy-duty trucks in the world. And though advances in technology have made manufacturing faster than ever, you'll find that we still build every truck with the same attention to detail and drivers' needs that have made Western Star Trucks what it is today: the ultimate in comfort, power, convenience and durability."


You ask. We answer.

It's great how things just work out.

For sales inquires, or more information about any of Western Star's products, contact your local Western Star dealer.

For product concerns about a specific vehicle, please complete a Product Concern Form, or contact the Customer Assistance Center directly at 1-866-850-STAR (1-866-850-7827).

Financing assistance is available through Daimler Truck Financial.

For all other questions, please contact the Customer Assistance Center directly at 1-866-850-STAR (1-866-850-7827).

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