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Vocational Brochure X-Series Brochure Logging Brochure 47X Tech Sheet 49X Tech Sheet 50th Anniversary Graphics Package Brochure Construction Brochure 40-Ton Dump Brochure Towing & Recovery Brochure Municipal Brochure Bulk Haul Brochure Heavy Haul Brochure Premium Sleeper Brochure Lightweight Options Brochure 4700 Brochure 4700 Tractor Brochure 4700 Tech Sheet 4800 Tech Sheet 4900 Tech Sheet 4900 Brochure 4900 XD Tech Sheet 6900 Tech Sheet Twin Steer Tech Sheet All-Wheel Drive Tech Sheet Detroit Full Line Brochure Detroit DD13 Brochure Detroit DD13 Spec Sheet Detroit DD15 Brochure Detroit DD15 Spec Sheet Detroit DD16 Brochure Detroit DD16 Spec Sheet Detroit Powertrain Brochure Detroit Powertrain Spec Sheet Virtual Technician Sales Sheet Detroit Drive Axle Spec Sheet Detroit Steer Axle Spec Sheet Detroit Tandem Axle Spec Sheet Detroit Vocational Brochure Cummins L9 Brochure Cummins X15 Brochure Detroit Fuel Economy Brochure DTF Finance and Lease Products Brochure DTF Financing for Municipalities DTF Financing Vocational Trucks Brochure DTF Your Guide to Financing Brochure TufTrac Sales Sheet XD Offroad CARCO-MBT Brochure XD Offroad K-Line-Transporter Brochure XD Offroad CARCO-BodyOptions Brochure XD Offroad Summit-Lube Brochure XD Offroad SmithCo-SideDump Brochure XD Offroad Klein-K900 Brochure XD Offroad Klein-K650 Brochure XD Offroad GroundForce-Dump Brochure XD Offroad Elliot-HiReach Brochure XD Offroad J&J-Dump Brochure 6900XD Tractor Brochure 6900XD Tech Sheet XD Offroad Brochure 57X Tech Sheet 57X Brochure
Western Star logo that features 'Serious Trucks' in white text and a red star against a gray background.