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Western Star Trucks provides limited warranty protection for aftermarket truck parts sold directly through Western Star dealers. Coverage is for defective material and/or workmanship for 12 months and unlimited miles. For explanations of warranty coverage, contact your local Western Star dealer.


Western Star Trucks provides a robust warranty protection for all its trucks, backed by exceptional customer service. We take pride in our belief that anyone who purchases a new vehicle is entitled to warranted protection, as well as peace of mind that any questions will be answered promptly and satisfactorily.

With every new Western Star truck we provide a limited warranty which covers defects in material and/or workmanship which will be repaired free of charge within the warranty period. For questions regarding warranty claims or a detailed explanation of warranty coverages, please contact your local dealer. For emergency issues, contact the Customer Assistance Center at 1-800-385-HELP, 24-hours a day/ 7 days a week.


Questions concerning Recall Campaigns on any of our products? To contact the Customer Assistance Center, click here.

Western Star logo that features 'Serious Trucks' in white text and a red star against a gray background.