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Western Star Custom Truck Services (PDI)

Post-Production Modifications

Hand-Built Adds Custom-Built

  • We provide accessory installations, light and/or heavy modifications to meet your needs.
  • Standard DTNA warranty applies to workmanship with supplier pass-through warranty on parts.
  • We work with marketing, sales and engineering to keep up with current technology and new product offerings.
  • Corporate marketing, sales and engineering departments collaborate to offer custom options, faster.
  • We offer competitive pricing compared to most third-party vendors and provide Risk of Loss coverage while the truck is at our facilities.
  • Each Western Star manufacturing plant features a Custom Truck Service Center, removing any additional transportation costs and getting your trucks back on the road faster.
  • Modifications are documented in the Global Notes section of Excelerator. Your Parts Department will be able to view and order the correct parts for the life of your customer’s vehicles regardless of its location.
  • Prior to delivery, any quality items or quality alerts that occur from plants or suppliers while the truck is in our possession or at the transporter are resolved.
  • No matter which Custom Trucks Services location you choose to customize your truck, you can rest assured that the same quality, consistency and pricing will apply.
Special Services
  • PDI's (Pre-Delivery Inspections) / Customer Specialized & Specific Checklists / initial FMCSR 396 DOT Inspections
  • Dealer Spec Changes and Late Customer Requests (approval and fees apply) / New Product Offerings
  • Adding Accessories / Fleet Preparations / Data Book Codes and catalog options
  • Performing Heavy and Light Modifications / body installs / bulk hauling equipment
  • Install customer furnished parts (charge labor only)
  • CHEC Features (CTS installs or dealer provides features for downloads)
  • TEM prep work including wiring, drilling and chassis re-configuration
  • Preparation for export trucks
Body Installations
  • Dump bodies (spreaders, snow plows and side plows)
  • Scissor-lift bodies
  • Dry and refrigerated van bodies, including lift gates and rail lifts
  • Stake beds
  • Palletized bodies (including safety walks and steps)
Equipment Installations
  • Microwaves, TV/DVD combos, battery/power cut-off switches, etc.
  • Chrome and stainless steel options, bright work exhaust shields
  • Hydraulic systems, including hydraulic-lifting fifth wheels
  • Automatic snow chains
  • Automatic engine shutdown systems
  • Engine brake controller
  • Air shield, fenders, steerable lift axle fenders (limited), fairing and chassis aerodynamics kits
  • Lighting (from engine compartment lights to LEDs, beacon lts, strobe lts, work lts and light bars)
  • Automatic chassis-lube systems
  • Custom cab guards, tool boxes, head racks, underpass seat safes, back glass guards & custom bumper installs, bug shields and chain hangers
  • Remote vehicle operation systems
  • Onboard truck scales – spring suspension and lift axles
  • Tire-pressure monitoring systems and auto tire inflation system
  • Certified installer of EZ Trac Hydraulic AWD Systems
  • Install Liquid Spring Suspension System
  • Install ROI Cabmate Suspension Control System
  • Solar Panels
  • Custom Furnished Truck Wings
  • Telma brake retarder installation
Bulk Hauling
  • Installation of off-loading equipment
  • Off-load pumps and blower systems
  • Power take-offs (PTOs)
  • Wet-line kit systems
  • Hydraulic Options
Fleet Preparation
  • Customer custom specific service inspections and reviews
  • DriveCam systems (video-based driver safety technology)
  • Ignition-lock and other security systems
  • Decal packages and unit numbers installations
  • Permit plates and placards
  • Safety cones, wheel chocks, accident and spill-containment kits
  • Custom and Customer-logo mud flaps and floor mats
  • Vehicle tracking systems
  • Side Object Detection systems
  • Telematic and GPS systems
  • Forward facing and back-up camera systems
  • Install customer fuel and other permits, license, etc.
  • Three different chassis coatings: Tectyl HAPs Protective Coating (request a quote), Known anti-corrosion spray (yearly application - DBC: 963-013) and KATS rust inhibitor spray (shipping application – DBC: 82N-001)
Auxillary Power and Heaters
  • Certified installer of diesel-powered and battery ThermoKing TriPack systems (DBC: 599-xxx) options depending on government requirements
  • Diesel heaters and domestic auxillary HVAC for Day Cabs
  • Installation of any APU (including CNG) purchased at WST dealer or customer furnished, including Carrier Units (must have signed agreement and quote)
  • Inverters, Auxiliary power and low voltage disconnects and Idle reduction systems

Visit a Western Star dealer today and request a Custom Truck Services quote.

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