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Western Star Custom Truck Services (PDI)

Post-Production Modifications

Hand-Built Adds Custom-Built

Special Services
  • Preparation for export
  • Pre-delivery inspections
  • Initial FMCSR 396 DOT inspection
Alternative Fuels
  • Fuel tank packages for CNG
  • Methane detection systems
  • Installation of complete alternative-fuel packages
Auxillary Power and Heaters
  • Certified installer of diesel-powered THERMO KING TrilPack
  • Diesel heaters and domestic auxillary HVAC for Day Cabs
  • Installation of any APU purchased at WST dealer, or customer-provided units
Body Installations
  • Dump bodies (spreaders, snow plows and side plows)
  • Scissor-lift bodies
  • Dry and refrigerated van bodies, including lift gates
  • Stake beds
  • Palletized bodies (including safety walks and steps)
  • Forestry and multi-purpose bodies
  • Water tankers
Equipment Installations
  • Microwaves, TV/DVD combos, battery/power cut-off switches, etc.
  • Chrome and stainless steel options
  • Hydraulic systems, including hydraulic-lifting fifth wheels
  • Automatic snow chains
  • Automatic engine shutdown systems
  • Engine brake controller
  • Air shield, fairing and chassis aerodynamics kits
  • Lighting (from engine compartment lights to LEDs and light bars)
  • Automatic chassis-lube systems
  • Cab guards, tool boxes, head racks, underpass seat safes, back-class guards & bumper installs
  • Remote vehicle operation systems
  • Onboard truck scales
  • Tire-pressure monitoring systems
  • Certified installer of EZ Trac Hydraulic AWD Systems
Bulk Hauling
  • Installation of off-loading equipment
  • Off-load pumps and blower systems
  • Power take-offs (PTOs)
  • Wet-line kit systems
Fleet Preparation
  • Customer-service inspections
  • DriveCam systems (video-based driver safety technology)
  • Ignition-lock and other security systems
  • Customer decal packages and truck numbers
  • Permit plates and placards
  • Safety cones, wheel chocks, accident and spill-containment kits
  • Customer-logo mud flaps
  • Vehicle tracking systems
  • Lane-departure systems
  • Telematic and GPS systems
  • Zone Defense (back-up camera system)
  • We provide accessory installations, light and/or heavy modifications to meet your needs.
  • Standard DTNA warranty applies to workmanship with supplier pass-through warranty on parts.
  • Corporate marketing, sales and engineering departments collaborate to offer custom options, faster.
  • We offer competitive pricing compared to most third-party vendors and provide Risk of Loss coverage while the truck is at our facilities.
  • Each Western Star manufacturing plant features a Custom Truck Service Center, removing any additional transportation costs and getting your trucks back on the road faster.
  • Prior to delivery, any quality items or quality alerts that occur from plants or suppliers while the truck is in our possession or at the transporter are resolved.
  • No matter which Custom Trucks Services location you choose to customize your truck, you can rest assured that the same quality, consistency and pricing will apply.

Visit a Western Star dealer today and request a Custom Truck Services quote.