Engineered to exceed your expectations.

Tough and versatile, the 4700 is more than just a great value. It's a great truck.
Its excellent efficiency and
maneuverability make it perfect for local and regional
hauls as a tractor, while its rugged dependability
gives you the performance you can
count on for almost any vocational application.
In fact, the 4700 is purpose-built
to deliver Western Star quality to everyone.


Detroit DD13 Cummins X12 Cummins L9

Our Western Star dealers are here to help get you into the right truck.
From spec'ing to financing, they're ready to make your perfect Star a reality.

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Not only can we get you into the right Western Star 4700, we can get you into the right financing.
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4700 Sleeper

The new 40-inch Low Roof and Ultra Low Roof sleeper on the 4700 offers the same lightweight honeycomb construction you'll find in every Western Star sleeper. It provides increased insulation and sound resistance, making the standard single bunk a comfortable place to rest during long shifts.

4700 Safety
4700 Safety

We never stop working to make the 4700 stronger and safer.

WABCO® OnGuardTM Collision Mitigation System

This radar safety system detects objects and alerts drivers audibly, visually and physically, applying braking power and reducing engine torque to help diminish collision severity.

Adaptive Cruise Control

ACC helps reduce driver fatigue by maintaining the set speed when the lane ahead is clear and automatically adjusting to maintain a safe following distance when a vehicle ahead is detected.

4700 Interior

In control, comfortably.

This truck is truly built around the driver. Inside, you’ll find a modern dash with an easy-to-read instrument cluster, paired with a steering wheel and column with integrated controls that keep you in command. It’s all in a cab that’s 72 inches wide to make it a place where you’ll love to work every day.


Grey / Black
Obsidian Black / Black
Smoky Mountain Grey / Grey
Maple Leaf Red / Grey
Prairie Buckskin / Tan


Choose a configuration:

SB Set-Back Axle
SF Set-Forward Axle
Standard Options AWD package
BBC 110"    
Wheelbase Up to 300"   Up to 300"
BA 47"    
Configuration 4x2, 6x4   4x4, 6x6
Engine Detroit™ DD13®, 12.8L, 350-505 hp, 1250-1850 lb-ft. Cummins L9, 8.9L, 260-380 hp, 720-1250 lb-ft.
Cummins X12, 11.9L, 350-500 hp, 1250-1700 lb-ft.
Cummins L9, 8.9L, 260-380 hp, 720-1250 lb-ft.
Transmission Allison Automatic 4500 RDS Eaton Fuller 10-, 11-, 13-, 15- and 18-speed
Eaton Fuller UltraShift PLUS
Allison Automatic 3000, 3500, 4000, 4500 and 4700
Detroit™ DT12®
Allison Automatic 3000, 3500, 4000 and 4500
Cab Type Standard steel with roped-in or bonded windshield Severe Duty with roped-in or bonded windshield Severe Duty with bonded windshield
Cab Interior Obsidian Black trim w/ Grey upholstery Grey trim* w/ Maple Leaf Red upholstery
Grey trim* w/ Smoky Mountain Grey upholstery
Tan trim* w/ Prairie Buckskin upholstery
Obsidian Black upholstery also available
Hood Durable, fiberglass supervisibility hood Optional access hatches  
Grille Stationary bright chrome with perforated steel bug/rock screen    
Air Intake   Optional pre-cleaners
Optional inside/outside air with snow doors and dash switch control
HVAC Standard with two-stage filter system    
Front Axle Detroit 12,000-23,000 lbs Meritor 12,000-22,000 lbs Meritor front drive 16,000-18,000 lbs
Rear Axle Detroit tandem 40,000-46,000 lbs Meritor single 21,000-30,000 lbs
Meritor tandem 40,000-52,000 lbs
Detroit single 23,000 lbs
Front Suspension Taperleaf 12,000-20,000 lbs Flatleaf 14,600-23,000 lbs Flatleaf 16,000 lbs
Rear Suspension AirLiner 21,000-46,000 lbs Hendrickson 40,000-52,000 lbs.
Chalmers 40,000-52,000 lbs.
TufTrac 40,000-52,000 lbs.
Proprietary spring 23,000-30,000 lbs
Single or tandem, 23,000-40,000 lbs
Brakes WABCO 4S/4M and 6S/6M Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) with and without traction enhancement Air disc brakes  
Safety   Bendix AutoVue® lane departure warning system
WABCO® OnGuard Active™ collision mitigation system with adaptive cruise control
Frame Single-channel @ 2.6-3.2 million RBM Dual-channel @ 3.7 million RBM
Front frame extension - splayed 12" and 24"
Fuel Tanks Aluminum 25" Cylindrical 60-100 gallon (227-379 liter) Aluminum 23" cylindrical 50-150 gallon (189-567 liter)
Steel rectangular 60 and 90 gallon (227 and 340 liter) - snow plow only
Combination fuel/hydraulic tanks available in various sizes
DEF Tank 6, 13, 23 gallon (23, 49, 87 liter)    


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